Stormwater Impact Fee Reductions


The Metro Atlanta region has seen an increase in the number of municipalities that charge impact fees for stormwater drainage systems, called storm water utility fees. All municipal stormwater utilites offer incentives in the form of fee credits for green building practices as well as documentation of proper storm water system operation.

Residential and commercial property owners can reduce their Stormwater impact fees by as much as 50% in most municipalities by documenting that storm water facilities on site are functioning as intended and are attenuating the downstream flows as specified within the municipal regulations and the approved site specific hydrology report. Atlanta Drainage Services works with local civil engineers to prepare documentation for the municipality so that your site will qualify for the reductions.  We address parking lot drainage problems, sinkhole repairs, retention pond/detention pond repairs, storm water runoff problems, etc.

Atlanta Drainage Services can also coordinate the design permitting and construction of facilities on your site in order to reduce the amount of fees that are paid if no facilities currently exist. We will also compare the proposed impact fee credits long-term cost savings with the initial upfront installion cost of the storm water management practices to determine what the best solution is for your specific site conditions. Please give us a call to discuss your particular property and to see if Atlanta Drainage Services can be of assistance

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